Tungsten Needle Holder

tungsten needle holder wolfram needle holder

wolfram needle holder wolfram needle holder

Shape of tungsten needle tip is a critical factor for TIG welding. When using DCSP, electrode tip should be tip shape, and tip angle should be changed with the different ranges of applications, electrode diameter and welding current. Narrow joints need smaller tip angle, when welding very thin material, it requires low current to stabilize the arc.
Conventional electrode sizes are Ø1.6mm, Ø2.4mm and Ø3.2mm, so the size of the tungsten electrode holder may also be given in accordance with the diameter of these specifications. Special specifications are Ø4.0mm, Ø6.0mm, Ø8.0mm and so on.

The surface condition of tungsten needle is smooth and bright. In addition, there is no stains, dirt, oxides, drawing tracks, scratches and damages on the tungsten needle surface. Electrode holder is composed of into the clamp and a jacket. Clamp is copper material, while the jacket is a plastic material, the two may be used in combination.

QQ300A Tungsten Needle Holder:

Packing: 100 / bag
Description: QQ300A TIG gun, WP-18, WP-26, WP-17 TIG gun
Aperture: 1.6 2.0 2.4 3.2 4.0 5.0
Material: brass, copper

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