Tungsten Needle Electrode

wolfram needle electrode tungsten needle electrode wolfram needle electrode

Tungsten needle electrode is a kin of tungsten electrode whose diameter is between 0.2 ~ 1.0mm, because it is very thin, this type of electrode is called as a wolfram needle electrodes. Tungsten needle electrode is an elongated structure tungsten products which is made of pure tungsten or tungsten alloy. It is mainly used in the electrode material of argon arc welding technology, the instrument can also be used as probes. Tungsten needle electrode is ultra-sharp electrode with a blunt head and sharp end.


Round Rod
Round bar-shaped tungsten needle electrode body is elongated, surface has good metal texture. It is mainly used in argon arc welding. During welding, arc is produced between the workpiece and the tungsten, the filler metal is fed from one side, under the action of the arc heat, the filler metal and the workpiece melt together to form a weld. Sharp Head
Wolfram needle electrode with a sharp head is mainly used for probes, such as the digital four-probe tester.


1. Thermostability.
2. Good conductive properties.
3. Small electrode burning rate.
4. Strong electron emission ability.

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