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Ecological Material - Multi Composite Rare Earth Tungsten Electrode

Multi composite rare earth tungsten electrode is an ecological material. It can achieve low emissions, no pollution, which can completely replace the serious environmental pollution thorium tungsten electrode used in welding, plasma welding, and spraying and cutting technical and as key heat source material used in metallurgical industry. -- More

Factors Influencing Rare Earth Tungsten Electrode

Rare earth tungsten electrode is electrode doped with rare earth, including doping one element, two elements and three elements or more. Manufacturing process and the raw material will influence electrode quality. -- More

Tungsten Electrode Doped With Two Rare Earth Oxides Properties

Tungsten electrode doped with two rare earth oxides (binary composite tungsten electrode) usually produces by powder metallurgy method and binary composite tungsten electrodes include W-La2O3-Y2O3, W-La2O3-CeO2, and W-Y2O3-CeO2. Comparing composite tungsten electrode's physical property of welding arc with tungsten electrode doped with one rare earth oxides and thorium tungsten electrode can well understand composite electrode performance. -- More

Cerium Tungsten Electrodes and Thorium Tungsten Electrode Comparison

With the continuous improvement of welding, cutting, spraying techniques, people require new performance requirement on electrode material such as better active substances and content to reduce the work function to improve the arc performance; higher chemical stability to use in more welding atmosphere and so on.-- More

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