Barium Tungsten Electrode Attention

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Barium Tungsten Electrode Attention:

1. It can not be wet or long-term exposure to the atmosphere, it is better to deposited in a vacuum state.
2. Electrode should not be direct contacted with the skin surface.
3. Electrode is light and fragile, it should be handled gently.
4. If there is oxidation of electrode surface because improper storage, operators can burn hydrogen treatment to remove surface dark spots, and then continue to use.
5. If theend of the emission electrode appear cracks, stop using it.

Barium Tungsten Electrode Attention for Storage:

In order to ensure the effectiveness of barium tungsten electrode would not be destroyed, it cannot be exposed to the atmosphere exceed 48h before using. It needs to be prevented from contacting with the water, dust and other contaminants. In order to ensure excellent performance, it can can be stored ≤0.1Pa, or stored in a dry inert gas (dry nitrogen or argon). If the electrode absorp too much moisture, during follow up heating process, the surface of the product would have spots, this situation would reduce the heating rate.
All operations for the electrodes should be very clean, dry environment, oil or other contaminants of fingers can affect the performance of electrode.

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