Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes

1.5% Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes  2.0% Lanthanated Tungsten Electrode

The lanthanated tungsten electrodes are becoming more popular in the circle of welding in the world soon after they were developed, because of their good welding performance. The electric conductivity of lanthanated tungsten electrode is most closed to that of 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes. Welders can easily replace thoriated tungsten electrodes with lanthanated tungsten electrodes at either AC or DC and not have to make any welding program changes.

The radioactivity from thoriated tungsten electrodes can thus be avoided. Another advantage of lanthanated tungsten electrodes is being able to be bear high current and having the lowest burn-loss rate.

Trade mark Added
Tungsten Electric discharged
WL10 La2O3 0.80 - 1.20% <0.20% The rest 2.6 - 2.7 Black
WL15 La2O3 1.30 - 1.70% <0.20% The rest 2.8 - 3.0 Yellow
WL20 La2O3 1.80 - 2.20% <0.20% The rest 2.8 - 3.2 Sky blue


1.5% lanthanated tungsten electrode

2% lanthanated tungsten electrodes contains 2% Lanthanum oxide (La2O3) that is also a non-radioactive material. It has good welding performance. Its electric conductivity is closed to that of the 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes. Lanthanated electrodes operate at a slightly different arc voltage than Thoriated or ceriated electrodes. Were developed around the same time as Ceriated tungsten to help combat the increasing awareness of the radioactivity of Thoriated Tungsten electrodes.

Application:Generally used to weld carbon & stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium.

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